Vaccinating Your Rottweiler

At Guardian Rottweilers we follow a vaccination protocol that’s been effective for our rottweilers for over 25 years. You’ve probably been conditioned to take your dog every year to the vet for the so called “booster” shots. We don’t do that. Vaccinations are normally good for the duration of the dog’s life. This is our vaccination protocol (we administer vaccines ourselves with exception of Rabies):

Note that even though the rabies vaccine is good for the duration of the dog’s life, back in the day the label on the bottle stated 10 years, and we can buy and administer the Rabies Vaccine ourselves, we are forced by local laws to do it repetitively, and pay a vet to do it. Up until a few years ago the law required for dogs to be vaccinated against rabies once a year! Then we got a reprieve with the “arrival” on the market of the more expensive “3 year” rabies vaccine. It’s the same vaccine, a scam perpetrated on dog owners by veterinarians and dumb bureaucracy.

Why do we choose the more expensive Parvo and Distemper vaccine as opposed to the cheaper 5 in one or 7 in one vaccines (which do include parvo and distemper) normally offered by the vets? Because we don’t want to unnecessarily stress the dog’s immune system. The multiple vaccines in one cover additional diseases that don’t exist in all areas of the country. For example we live in Miami and our conditions are such that our dogs are unlikely to be exposed to Leptospirosis, so why vaccinate for it. You may think “Why not, it couldn’t hurt?” Yes it could. Do a google search on vaccinosis or start reading here. Parvovirus and distemper on the other hand can appear and be transmitted anywhere where dogs and/or people come in contact with an infected dog or object, and in difference to the other milder diseases like Canine Parainfluenza (Kennel Cough) that will normally cure on its own, are almost always fatal.