Vaccinating Your Rottweiler

We do not vaccinate our dogs except for the 3 years Rabies vaccination which is forced on us by law. Not because vaccination is expensive, the standard 5 in 1 vaccines are available online at $5 per dose Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv+L4, 25 doses, but because we don’t believe in the efficacy and safety of these products from the pharmaceutical industry. Rather we’re sure that the main concern of vaccine manufacturers and most veterinarians (as far as vaccines) is profitability, not what’s best for the dog. And government bodies responsible for vaccine laws are driven by bureaucracy and corruption. We hold this opinion based on many years of personal experience with dogs, research, and common sense, a lengthy discussion which is outside the scope of this article.

As some measure of proof consider the rabies vaccine which is marketed as being effective for the span of the dog’s life, back in the day the label on the bottle stated 10 years effective duration. We can buy and administer the Rabies Vaccine ourselves, but are forced by local laws to do it repetitively, and pay a vet to administer the shot. Up until a few years ago the law required for dogs to be vaccinated against rabies once every year! Then we got an optional/paid reprieve with the “arrival” on the market of the more expensive “3 year” Rabies vaccine. It’s the same vaccine, a scam perpetrated on dog owners by veterinarians and government bureaucrats. Both the 1 year and 3 year Rabies vaccines are currently recommended and sold by veterinarians and vaccination clinics.

Furthermore we’ve done titer testing on Rabies vaccinated dogs and got negative results. Does this mean we should vaccinate even more often, like every 6 months? Or that the titer test gave the wrong result? Or that even though titer test is negative the dog is still protected? Or that the dog was never protected in the first place? There are certainly more questions than answers, and anyone who proclaims definitively that vaccines are effective is either lying or ignorant.

A huge factor apart from the question of efficacy is safety, Google: vaccinosis dogs. Do not blindly trust and leave important health decisions concerning your dog to bureaucrats and sickness profiteers. Put in the time and effort to research and use your common sense.