Adult Rottweilers For Sale

An adult dog is a great option if you want to save the time and effort of raising a puppy, or prefer to get straight to enjoying activities you’d otherwise have to wait for a puppy to mature to be able to do. An adult dog may already be house trained, socialized and obedience trained. Contrary to common beliefs a stable adult dog with good temperament will bond with his new owner just as strongly as a pup would, and in some cases more so depending on whether their life with the new owner is better by comparison.

Another advantage is that with an adult dog you know exactly what you’re getting. At Guardian Rottweilers we only offer adult dogs healthy in body and mind, that have been screened by us and determined to be suitable for a particular environment such as; a family dog, a dog for a single person household, or a guard dog. This information is stated in the dog’s profile, along with other particulars about temperament and behavior. Adult dogs we offer may come to us from our puppy buyers who’s circumstances changed and can no longer keep the dog, or another breeder in our network who is faced with a similar situation and has no room for the dog.

Adult rottweilers offered here are ready for you to meet at our Fort Lauderdale location. If you don’t see dogs listed on this page it means we do not have adult dogs available at this time. At Guardian Rottweilers our foremost concern is to place dogs in suitable “forever” homes. For this reason all dogs sold by us are offered with a two week trial period. If within this time period for whatever reason the dog doesn’t suit your needs, you may return it for a refund.

Guardian Rottweilers Rex rottweiler male

For Sale, Guardian Rottweilers Rex
Rottweiler Male 4 years old $4000

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Guardian Rottweilers Ellie rottweiler female

For Sale, Guardian Rottweilers Ellie
Rottweiler Female 1 year old $2500

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