About Guardian Rottweilers

At Guardian Rottweilers we believe a good rottweiler is one that possesses the strength of character to be a guardian. We acknowledge and respect ownership of simply good looking, healthy and well behaved pets. But if you choose to bring a rottweiler into your life a strong consideration should be that rottweilers excel in the arena of protection.

Rottweiler Puppies Miami

Unlike 99 percent of all other rottweiler breeders, we come from a strong background of dog obedience and real world protection guard dog training. Thus we have a clear insight about the physical and mental characteristics such a dog needs to possess: the right combination of drives, stability, alertness, hardness, and courage to name a few. The ability to recognize these traits is crucial, so as to promote/breed only quality individuals that will pass these traits on to their progeny.

We aim to produce as large a percentage possible of guardian rottweilers in every litter of puppies. Such dogs are not for everybody, they require a time commitment, a strong experienced hand and training. But there is variation in puppies of every litter, and hardness and courage will not be pronounced in every rottweiler. So we’re also able to offer puppies that demonstrate a softer temperament, for loving homes that want a beautiful, healthy, and easier to manage rottweiler. Because we know our dogs best, it is wise to let us help you choose a puppy from a litter, to fit your particular situation and needs.

When you come to meet our rottweilers do not expect to see many kenneled dogs. Rottweilers thrive when they’re a part of their family’s life. Their most important character qualities best express themselves when allowed the freedom (after control has been instituted through training) to develop responsibility for their home and people. Knowing the boredom and frustration of caged existence, we simply don’t have the heart to keep our dogs locked up in kennels. The few rottweilers that we keep on premises are our personal house dogs who participate in many facets of our life, be it a swim at Miami beach or a stroll in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Rottweiler Puppies Miami

To keep our breeding program moving forward we rely on networking, placing specific dogs in strategic homes, with the intention of allowing these dogs to be a future part of our breeding program. We also use stud dogs from other Rottweiler breeders once we’ve tested them for the qualities we look for.

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