Rottweiler puppies in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach

At Guardian Rottweilers our goal is to produce rottweiler puppies that will be easy to train working quality dogs for home protection, and sociable companions. We’re a German standard rottweiler breeder, our dogs are selected and bred to conform to the original German breed description in physical appearance and temperament. Puppy tails are docked. AKC registration is included. Sire, dam and puppies are on premises. Located in Fort Lauderdale we’re a convenient driving distance from Miami and West Palm Beach. Delivery available throughout South Florida.


Rottweiler puppies from Guardian Rottweilers Bolo and Nora born July 18, 2022 are 10 weeks old today September 26, 2022. Male puppies available, price is $2000.


Guardian Rottweilers Bolo is a handsome rottweiler male with an athletic build, and beautiful deep mahogany markings. He is a large dog standing 25″ tall at the withers and a lean weight of 110lb. Bolo is a well behaved social dog friendly with people. He has strong play drive and high trainability. When he’s not alerting on strangers approaching his home, Bolo enjoys a break from the heat soaking in a water tub.


Guardian Rottweilers Nora is a big girl at 90lb lean weight and 24″ tall at the withers. Nora likes to be near her family at all times. She is friendly with people/kids and other dogs when in public, but guardy on her property keeping a close eye on strangers. Nora is alert and reacts with aggression to intrusions at her home.