Guardian Rottweilers Wulf

Guardian Rottweilers Polo

Wulf weighs 110lb lean and measures 28″ at the withers. This makes him a large rottweiler male at the maximum height as per the German rottweiler standard. Wulf has medium bone and dark mahogany markings. Dentition, eye color and earset are all correct. Wulf is a super stable and alert dog with great drive. He is a calm dog but readily springs into action when sensing intrusions on his property. In public (off duty) he is friendly with people, good with children and other dogs.


Wulf is fully obedience trained on and off leash, and reliably responds to the verbal commands heel, sit, down, stay, come, stand, and finish. As well as many other less formal commands used in everyday life. Because of his training and inherent stability he is very good in public, a dog you can take anywhere and not worry about him reacting aggressively at the wrong time. He’s tolerant of strangers and allows himself to be touched by children and adults. In this video we take Wulf for a walk along Fort Lauderdale beach as random people stop to pet him. While this is completely normal to expect from a pet dog, it’s very hard to find this kind of stability in a dog as strong as Wulf is.

Wulf demonstrates amazing composure with other dogs. Often other dogs are intimidated by a rottweiler’s size, dark color, and confident bearing, and will react aggressively even though the rottweiler is completely neutral. In this video at a local dog park small dogs bark and snap at Wulf as he pays them no mind and retreats from the situation. We’ve even seen him take a bite to the face from a small dog and remain calm.