Aron von Verschez Berg

Serbian import and international champion Aron von Verschez Berg is a rottweiler male located in Miami, Florida. Puppies from Aron consistently demonstrate similar type and working ability.

Aron Von Verschez Berg Rottweiler Male Miami

Aron weighs 61kg (134.5lb) and measures 67cm (26.5″) at the withers. This makes him a very large Rottweiler male, 1cm short of maximum height as per the German rottweiler standard.

AKC standard for rottweilers : Males 24-27” (height at the withers)
USRC (United States rottweiler club) standard: Males 61-68cm (height at the withers)
61 – 62cm is small
63 – 64cm is medium height
65 – 66cm is large
67 – 68cm is very large

Aron has very nice bone, dark mahogany markings, and a head piece that we consider ideal for a rottweiler. Dentition, mouth pigment, eye color and earset are all correct. He is a very stable dog, friendly with people and good with children. Alert to noises/intrusions on his property, but is calm around the house.

Aron von Verschez Berg show results

07/24/2010 CAC Sokobanja,SERBIA
V1-CAC-BOB (Judge Mr.Bratislav Binic SRB)

09/05/2010 CACIB Obrenovac SERBIA
V1-CAC,CACIB,BOB (Judje Mr.Duško Pejović SRB)

10/10/2010 CACIB Krusevac SERBIA
V1-CAC, CACIB, BOB ( Judge Mr Marcic Miomir )

V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge Mr Radisa Stojadinovic)

Crittenden, Kentucky USA
V1 Working Class and SIEGER
Judge: Refet Hadzic, FCI Bosnia

Charleston South Carolina Sieger Show USA
V1 Working Class and Best Adult Male
Judge :Uwe Peterman ,ADRK Germany

llinois CHIGAGO Sieger Show USA
V1 Working Class and SIEGER
Judge :Xavier Meixner Germany

10/30/2011, ARV Fall Sieger Show Tennessee
V1 Sieger Class
Judge :Bianka Miksic Kasun – FCI Croatia

Feb 2012 North Carolina Winter Show
Judge :Fernado Lucas Martin Portugal
V2 working Class Males

V3 Champion Class
Judge :Uwe Peterman ,ADRK Germany